The Importance of Customer On Site Support

The Importance of Customer On Site Support

How great teams create perfectly satisfied customers.


MICE is a great door opener to get large volumes of customers to experience a different side of your hotel, MICE could be the introduction for guests into other hotel venues. Become the industry leader in MICE service teams while motivated and empowered teams deliver great service and exceed customer expectations by distinguishing your MICE service from the rest.

Main Objectives

This program will cover the importance of all Meeting and Events service aspects in the hotel. The participants will learn how empowered team members are the key to the success of your business and what impact that has on exceeding expectations. The participants will learn how MICE and customer experience go hand in hand, and how MICE is the tool which can bring large quantities of guests into the hotel to experience, the guest experience.

Program Experiences

• Understanding the importance of their role and how influential it can be.
• Understand your working context and how important cross-departmental communication is.
• Understand how to best use the room and its set up to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.
• Understand how to best handle AV Equipment and its set up to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.
• Use basic communication skills with your team members to avoid misunderstandings.
• Get a better understanding of what different customers want/need and how to best service according to their needs.


Participants can be all banquet service and banquet sales employees who are direct contacts on the floor.


1 Day

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