Successful Hotel Revenue Strategies

Successful Hotel Revenue Strategies

Key steps to analyze and trend core data.


As markets are rapidly changing, having a sound understanding of how to obtain and analyze data is a vital tool in the belt of the Revenue Manager. Understanding both current and historical business information is essential to successfully interpret and translating the current business climate into finite strategies.

Main Objectives

The program will explore available ways for Revenue Managers to collect key business intelligence data. The participants will learn the
key steps to successfully analyzing and trending key and current revenue management data. Through the use of a detailed case study,
participants will be able to gain insight into the value that analysis has on the strategies and positioning of the Hotel.

Program Experiences

• Reflect on the core elements of sound revenue management
• Define the process of analysis
• Understand the tools required to understand a hotels’ current business situation
• Understand the impact of the dimension of time on a hotels strategy
• Identify opportunities to better understand profitability and cost as it relates to rooms
• Explain the importance of communication as a platform to ensure that a strategy is applied


This course requires at least one year’s involvement in Revenue Management. The participants have to be department heads or their assistants or above with a sound understanding of the application of Revenue Management principles.


2 Days