Customer Delights

Customer Delights

Creating Moments of Magic in Customer Experience


All too often 1 single bad experience can ruin an overall experience for customers or guest. The moment of misery shouldn’t be allowed to turn into a miserable trip. Therefore, it is essential that everyone is knowledgeable on transforming moments of misery into moments of magic and be able to create raving fans along the way. Raving fans are instrumental to the success of the business, and no one can give better reviews than the customers who experienced a low turn into a high.

Main Objectives

This program will cover A to Z on customer complaints and how to rectify these complaints. The participants will understanding the importance of client satisfaction, the relevance of NPS and maintaining trust between the brand and the clients through effectively managing client’s objections and complaints. Participants will learn about moments of misery and moments of magic, and how these moments are measured and monitored through NPS.

Program Experiences

• Learn to reflect on the worst customer service scenarios (moments of misery) and understand what makes customers dissatisfied.
• Learn to reflect on the best customer service scenarios (moments of magic) and understand what makes customers satisfied.
• Learn about the necessary steps and actions to take in order to move your customer’s experience from a “moment of misery”, to a “moment of magic”.
• Understand how customer satisfaction can be measured and evaluated using NPS (Net Promoter Score)
• Learn how the measured findings through NPS can be turned into actionable changes that will impact overall client satisfaction and turn them into raving fans


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Be different and authentic in customer service


2 Days

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